Net worth update – June 2015 – reached 6 figures net worth

Net worth update - June 2015

A journey to become a self-made millionaire.

This is my fifth net worth updates report for this year (2015). For those new to my finance journey, a net worth update is a simple report I post every month which tracks the progress of my journey to reach my financial goals.

My ultimate goal is to become a self-made millionaire in 10 years by saving and investing in stable dividend paying blue-chip stocks.

This is very special post for me as we reached a big milestone, yes, net worth surpassed 6 figures in May 2015. It is an amazing feeling and accomplishment.

We reached our first $ 50 000 net worth in May 2014. It took almost a year to hit another $50 000

In the last 12 months, there are so many things happened in our life.

First, we bought our first home. The home purchase came with lots of one-time expenses including $5000 closing cost, new furniture, appliances purchases and other home related expenses.

Second, we went for little expensive vacation to Mexico. It cost us more than $3500.

Third, new baby. Yes, I became a father for a baby boy 😀 . As you know, having baby is always expensive. Also, our family income reduced by 40% as my wife took maternity leave to taking care of our new born, and she may not return to work for next few years.

Still, we managed to increase our net worth by $50 000 in one year. It is truly an amazing accomplishment. Big thanks to my dividend investment strategy and borrow money to invest approach.

For those of you follow my journey know that I am a middle income earner, making around $50 000 per year from my day job . I am not making 6 figures income. Even our combine family income is not even close to 6 figures. I am just regular guy like most of you. I started my journey with more than $50 000 student loan debts and achieved this stage in less than 4 years.

So.., if I can do it, then you can do it too.

Now, let’s see my net worth in numbers

In May 2015, my net worth was increased by $2800 or 2.85% from my last update.

Net worth update as of May 31, 2015()

Assets: $409 800 ()

Liabilities:$308 800 ()

  • Mortgage : $192 400 ()
  • Student loan: $27 800 ()
  • Margin loan:$29 700 ()
  • Credit card 1: $6900 () (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 12 months – will be expired in December 2015)
  • Credit card 2: $9400 () (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 15 months – will be expired in March 2016)
  • Credit card 3: $18 700 (no change) (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 6 months – will be expired in November 2015)
  • Credit card 4: $8900 () (low interest credit card – 1.99% special rate for 9 months – will be expired in August 2015)
  • Credit card 5: 0 $2800 () (low interest credit card – 2.9% special rate for 6 months – will be expired in May 2015
  • Credit card 6: $8700 () (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 12 months – will be expired in August, 2015)
  • Credit card 7: $300 (no change) – (regular expenses) – high interest rate of 19.99%.
  • HELOC : $6000 (no change) -(low interest – 3.35% – primte + 0.5%)

Net worth :$101 000 () as of May 31, 2015

My net worth up by since my last update.


  • all amounts are rounded to the nearest $100;
  • all numbers are in CAD; and
  • Conversion rate 1.00 USD = 1.20 CAD

Another positive month in my Million dollar journey, and I feel happy as I am moving toward my goal.

Total increased in the year 2015 is $18 000 .

My debt level was increased in May due to some recent stock purchases using my margin loan. I should focus on reducing my debts to less than $300K – manageable level.

I reached 10.1% of my million dollar dream journey

Thank you so much for being in my finance journey and for your support.


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