Net worth update November 2014 (+5.59%)

Last updated: November 12, 2014

Net worth update November 2014

A journey to become a self-made millionaire.

This is my ninth net worth updates report. For those new to my finance journey, a net worth update is a simple report I post every month which tracks the progress of my journey to reach my financial goals. My ultimate goal is to become a self-made millionaire in 10 years by saving and investing in stable dividend paying blue-chip stocks.

I have been quite busy these days doing lots of preparation to move into our new home – from arranging mortgage to packing things up.

Our new home closing will be on Monday, December 1st. There are bunch of things to do such as move internet connection, arrange utilities, change addresses, etc. Also, we will have few one-time expenses such as closing cost, land transfer fees, etc, etc.. i feel overwhelmed :D. Theses expenses will reflect in my next net worth update.

Now, let’s look at my last month financial performance..

In October 2014, my net worth was increased by $3900 or 5.59% from my last update. As you know, October was a roller coaster month for stock market. I took advantage the downturns and added 5 high quality dividends at bargain price. This aggressive move helped me to post a big gain in this net worth update report.

Also, I received $301.08 dividends during the period.

Net worth update – November 12, 2014 ()

Let’s look at my net worth in numbers:

Assets: $125 800 ()

Liabilities: $52 100 ()

  • Student loan: $29100 ()
  • Margin loan: $300 ()
  • Credit card 1: $0 (Paid off) (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 8 months)
  • Credit card 2: $8300 () (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 12 months) – will be expired on December 15, 2014
  • Credit card 3: $0 (Paid off) (low interest credit card – 1.99% special rate for 6 months)
  • Credit card 4: $0 (Paid off) (low interest credit card – 0% special rate for 6 months – expired on September 15, 2014)
  • Credit card 5: $0 (low interest credit card – 2.9% special rate for 6 months)
  • (New) Credit card 6: $9600 () (low interest credit card – 0.99% special rate for 12 months – will be expired on August 20, 2015)
  • (Temporary) Credit card 7: $0 (Paid off) – Vacation and summer activities expenses

Net worth : $73 700 ()

My net worth up by since my last update.


  • all amounts are rounded to the nearest $100;
  • all numbers are in CAD; and
  • Conversion rate 1.00 USD = 1.12 CAD

*I usually don’t keep cash in my bank accounts, but I keep $5800 in my chequing account for the new home deposit.

I have a huge credit card debt because I took advantage of “low balance transfer promotion and invested in high quality dividend stocks. Taking modest risk and leveraging are the keys to become wealth.