Dividend income report – November 2014

Dividend income report – November 2014

I was very busy in moving into our new home. I couldn’t find a time to post my financial progress. I guess the new home will keep me busy for some time – at least it will take a month for us to setting things up as we like. Life in our own home is totally different than the life in a rental apartment.

I will make a separate post about my experience in our new home in few weeks.

Now, let’s see how much dividend income I received in November 2014.

In November 2014, I received $176.12 dividend which is 10.51% high than the dividend I received in November 2013.

Summing up all the dividends I received throughout the year, I came up with $3161.60. One of my short-term goals is to receive $3500 dividend income during the year of 2014. So far, I achieved 90.33% of the goal. Hopefully, I will exceed this goal as I will receive more than $400 dividend income in December.

Here is the breakdown of the dividend income:

Dividend income from Canadian dividend portfolio

  • Bmo S&P/Tsx Laddered Pfd Sh Index Etf (ZPR) -$2.40
  • Bmo Equal Weight Utilities Index Etf (ZUT) -$2.08
  • Dream Global Real Estate Invt Tr (DRG.UN) -$3.33
  • Inter Pipeline Ltd Com (IPL) -$5.38
  • Emera Inc (EMA) -$19.38
  • Northland Power Inc (NPI) -$4.50
  • Royal Bank Of Canada (RY) -$18.75
  • Bank Of Montreal (BMO) -$19.50
  • Ishares S&P/Tsx Cdn Pfd Share Index Etf (CPD) -$6.21
  • Ishares 1-5 Yr Laddered Corp Bd Index Etf (CBO) -$3.69
  • Ishares S&P/Tsx Capped Reit Index Etf (XRE) -$4.26
  • Ishares Diversified Monthly Income Etf (XTR) -$9.36
  • Ishares Canadian Select Dividend Index Etf (XDV) -$7.32
  • Ishares Canadian Hybrid Corporate Bond Index Etf (XHB) -$1.98
  • Ishares S&P/Tsx North American Preferred Stock Index Etf (XPF) -$2.00
  • Cineplex Inc Cash (CGX) -$2.50
  • Canadian Oil Sands Limited (COS) -$26.25
  • Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (FC) -$7.80

Dividend income from U.S dividend portfolio

  • At&T Inc (T) -$4.60
  • General Mills Inc (GIS) -$6.15
  • Ishares U S Preferred Stock Etf (PFF) -$2.83
  • Colgate Palmolive Company (CL ) -$1.80
  • Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) -$4.40
  • Procter & Gamble Co (PG) -$9.65
Total dividend income for November 2014 is $176.12

Projected passive income

My projected passive dividend income is currently at $3864 per year, increased by $100 from last month. I just reinvested a small portion my dividend to purchase some stocks in my registered account and bought 50 shares of Altagas Ltd (TSE:ALA).

One of my long-term goals is to generate $25 000 per year passive income from dividends/distributions in 10 years. I achieved 15.46% of this goal.

Happy investing and let the money work us.

Thank you for being in my Finance Journey!!